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19 Jan 2016

Choosing the Perfect Setting

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

Choosing the right engagement ring setting can be just as important as choosing the diamond itself. The setting showcases the ring wearer’s style, so taking time to select and design the perfect setting should not be overlooked. Consider the following questions before choosing how to set the diamond:

  • What is her general style – traditional, modern, vintage, floral, unique, or romantic?
  • What element is most important to her – the diamond or the setting?
  • Does she prefer yellow, pink or white metal?
  • Will she want to add a wedding band to the ring after the wedding?
  • Has she given hints about her favorite style setting?

Once these questions have been considered, it’s time to start look at potential ring settings. Here is a list six popular setting styles:

Prong Setting

Solitaire Round Diamond Four Prongs

The prong setting (often called solitaire settings) is by far the most popular setting style and does the best job showcasing a diamond. The diamond is held securely in place by four or six metal prongs, raising the diamond up off of the finger, allowing the maximum amount of light to reflect through the diamond. Prong settings are relatively low in cost, they often make diamonds appear larger than they are, and allow for the wedding band to fit flush against the diamond engagement ring. A prong setting is perfect for someone who is seeking a simple and elegant engagement ring style. They also work well for the groom looking to spend the majority of his budget on the diamond, not on an expensive setting. Learn more about prong solitaire settings.

Channel Setting

Engagement Ring Dallas Princess Cut Channel Set Diamonds

Channel settings are perfect for someone who embraces boldness and likes a wide ring. A channel setting is created by two strips of metal holding a row of stones set side-by-side. Channel settings work well with all diamond shapes, but are most frequently used with princess cut diamonds and round cut diamonds. This type of setting offers great protection from snags and hazards, but slightly diminishes the ability for light to shine through the diamonds, cutting down on sparkle. Channel settings are great for the active and sporty individual who may be a little tougher on her jewelry. Channel set rings are also often considered a modern style engagement rings. Learn more about prong channel settings.

Pave Setting

Classic Pave Engagement Rings Dallas

Pave settings exhibit the maximum amount of sparkle and brilliance. Similar to a honeycomb, small diamonds are placed very close together in tiny holes throughout the frame. To the naked eye, no metal is visible, only diamonds and sparkle. Very little metal is used to hold the diamonds in place, which makes pave settings slightly more delicate than other setting styles. A pave setting is ideal for someone who seeks quality, elegance and brilliance from their diamond engagement ring. Learn more about prong pave settings.

Three-Stone Diamond Setting


When three stones are mounted together, a diamond ring it is known as a “three-stone ring”. Often times a larger diamond is mounted with two smaller, equal sized diamonds. The side diamonds can be the same shape as the center diamond, or a different shape. Three-stone diamond rings are most closely associated with traditional and vintage style rings. This setting style triples the sparkle value from the ring, since there are three diamonds facing up at three slightly different angles. Three stone rings tend to look especially large and sparkly on the finger. Learn more about prong three stone settings.

Diamond Halo Setting

Round Halo Engagement Ring Dallas

A diamond halo setting is perfect for someone who enjoys a little bling in their life. A circle of round diamonds is mounted around the ring’s center stone creating a diamond “halo” effect. The halo typically creates the illusion that the center diamond is much bigger than it actually is. Many times it increases the visual size by as much as 100 percent, making a 1.00 carat diamond appear the same size as a 2.00 carat diamond. A diamond halo setting is a great way to get a large-looking engagement ring for a budget-friendly price. Learn more diamond halo engagement rings.

Split Shank Setting

Unique Split Shank Diamond Ring Dallas

In a split-shank setting, the shank of the ring, also known as the ring’s band, splits into two separate branches to hold the center of the diamond in place. A split shank ring can either be plain metal or adorned with diamonds. Typically, a ring with a larger center stone, usually over the 1.50 carat weight, will choose a split shank setting. Over the past three years, split shank settings have greatly increased in popularity.

Our next blog post will feature six more styles of diamond engagement ring settings.

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