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Custom Design

Custom Design

Shapiro Diamonds is the leader in designing and creating the most beautiful and unique diamond engagement rings in Dallas, TX. Custom-designed diamond rings are our specialty. We look forward to working with you on your custom design. Below is how our Custom Design process works.

Step 1:

Select Your Diamond

Select Your DiamondDuring your diamond consultation, you’ll be shown a large collection of loose diamonds within your quality and budget specifications. Lance Shapiro will provide an extensive diamond education consultation. This will help you balance the “Four Cs” characteristics to determine the most beautiful diamond within your budget. This is a comfortable, no-pressure, sit-down and uninterrupted conversation with a diamond expert and owner of the company. We understand and respect this is a this may be the biggest investment you may have ever made and making a final decision may take more than one visit to our showroom. After selecting your “perfect” diamond, we’ll begin the fun part – the custom design process. 

Step 2:

Create a Design Plan for your Ring

Create a Design PlanIf you have a ring design in mind, or have multiple designs in mind, please bring those with you. We can work together to combine elements from different rings to create a completely new, unique design, incorporating all of those favorite elements together beautifully. If you are unsure of what style you’d like, we encourage you to visit our design galleries to be inspired. If you are still unsure, we can guide you through the pros and cons of each setting style and make some excellent recommendations. Together, we will create a design plan that will outline all aspects of what the ring will look like, including the prongs, band, basket, side stones, etc. We will also discuss how, and if, a wedding band will be added to the ring and how the two rings will fit together. You’ll leave feeling confident and with an excellent understanding of what the ring will look like on the finger. Our vision is to create rings that will remain significant, timeless and beautiful for generations to come, so rest assured you are in excellent hands with Shapiro Diamonds. 

Step 3:

Computer Aided Design Renderings

Computer Aided DesignTo create our custom-design settings, we use Computer Aided Design technology, a technology that creates computer renderings of your ring as it is being designed. The best jewelers in the country use this technology to design, carve, cast and create jewelry – often jewelry pieces that would be too elaborate to carve by hand. We will work hand-in-hand with our Dallas-based CAD/CAM software designers to communicate all your design wishes. These computer renderings allow you to view your ring from all angles and all views prior to the ring being cast in metal. The software also allows for multiple modifications to the design. This ensures the ring is exactly what you envision (or better) prior to it being set in metal. Computer Aided Design technology is only being used by the best jewelers in the country and we are proud to offer it to our clients.

Step 4:

Unlimited Modifications to Virtual Design

Unlimited Modifications to Virtual DesignThis amazing technology, once reserved for the aerospace industry, allows you to make any changes to the ring design you’d like.  For example, you could make the accent diamonds smaller or larger, change the shape of the side stones, raise or lower the height of the center stone, whatever design changes you’d like to see. Unlike other jewelers using CAD technology, changes are unlimited and are at no additional charge to you. There are no hidden or unexpected changes when working with Shapiro Diamonds. 

Step 5:

Wax Model and Metal Casting

Wax Model and Metal CastingAfter you have approved your final design in the CAD software, your ring will be created into a wax model and cast in your choice of metal. We use the finest and purest quality metals in the available in the metals market.

Step 6:

Stone Setting and Metal Finishing

Stone Setting and Metal FinishingThe metal casting is sent to our team of master craftsmen, bench jewelers and stone setters who will finish the ring to its completion. This is where the true art and craftsmanship come into play and what sets us apart from the mass retailers. Each piece we create is hand-crafted and is a one-of-a-kind piece made right here in Dallas, not mass produced overseas like many brand name designer settings. Even many of the “finest” designers mass manufacture their rings overseas. The quality of our individually-crafted and hand-made ring is far superior and has unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship.

Step 7:

Pickup and Propose

Pickup and Propose



Engagement rings are presented in a beautiful Rosewood presentation box lined in leather. We provide clients a full appraisal on the diamond and setting. Additionally, the original GIA or EGL certification paperwork will be included with the ring presentation. We can also recommend a jewelry insurance company and we’ll provide care tips for how to keep your diamond clean and looking it’s best.

All of the rings we create are photographed. We provide the images and photography rights to our clients at no charge. We would love to include your proposal story and engagement pictures in our Just Engaged Gallery.

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