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Shapiro Diamonds’ beautiful collection of Dallas Engagement Rings and Bridal Jewelry combines precious metals and rare gemstones to create show-stopping pieces of heirloom jewelry. Shapiro Diamonds is the area’s leading custom jeweler, where diamond experts and jewelry artists design and create hundreds of tailor-made pieces every month in the Dallas showroom. We specialize in unique engagement rings, custom wedding bands, and exquisite jewelry pieces. Because of our wholesale diamond connections, we are able to import diamonds directly from diamond wholesalers, cutting the stones themselves, and selling the most unique and beautiful diamond engagement rings Dallas, Texas has to offer.

Classic Diamond Accent Engagement Ring

Creating an Engagement Ring in Dallas

Custom designing and creating an engagement ring or piece of jewelry just for you is what we do and nothing makes us happier than knowing your engagement ring is yours and yours alone. It might just be a design we tweaked, we recreated a famous masterpiece with your special touch added, or tried a new design by changing the metal color to rose gold. Whatever the design specialization is, we can create it for you, making your one-of-a-kind design come to life. Today we have incredible technology, combined with a team of jewelry designers and master craftsmen to help create the perfect Dallas engagement ring for every client. With Computer Aided Design (CAD), we can sit with clients and create unique jewelry right before your eyes and cast, set and finish it in two to three weeks. We can still prepare hand-drawings and sketches and create wax models too. Concept to creation, creating a custom engagement ring in Dallas has never been easier.

Dallas Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Dallas Engagement Ring Designers

For more than 20 years, Lance Shapiro and Kendra Shapiro have created custom engagement rings and hand-made jewelry for thousands of clients in Dallas. They are well-respected and known in the diamond industry for exceptional quality diamonds and superior, timeless design. Lance’s in-depth knowledge of the constantly-changing diamond markets, as well as the gemstone industry, has made him one of the most well-known industry leaders in the world. Kendra’s engagement ring designs have gained international recognition and press. With their combined expertise of the precious stone industry and unparalleled design knowledge, the couple creates one-of-a-kind, gorgeous pieces that sparkle from every angle and in every light. The diamond showroom and custom design studio provides clients with one-on-one appointments in the Dallas boutique for personalized, expert experience.


Custom Designed Engagement Rings

We believe everyone deserves their own unique engagement ring and custom design rings genuinely reflect individual love stories and distinct personalities. Get inspired by viewing our engagement ring gallery and work with our designers to create something completely new and spectacular. The Shapiro Diamonds master designers and jewelry artisans combine modern tools and design sensibilities with an old-world focus on craftsmanship to deliver an unmatched artistic experience. Design an ornate vintage ring with antique milgrain, or bold-colored bezel-set gemstones, or a more modern ring design with asymmetrical geometry or a classic feminine solitaire set in rose gold – the design options are endless.

Round Halo Engagement Ring Dallas

Every step of the process in creating your engagement ring is done here in Dallas; from the sketch, to the CAD ring design through modeling and into casting, fabrication, engraving, stone setting and final finishing. Our quality and style is second to none. We stand behind our designs and guarantee that every custom ring or piece of jewelry is unique and personal.

With our engagement ring gallery, interactive custom-design process, Computer Aided Design technologies, and your own personal jewelry designer working with you, creating your unique custom designed engagement ring has never been easier.

Vintage Engagement Ring Cushion Dallas

Engagement Ring and Diamond Education

Shapiro Diamonds is committed to educating our clients and potential clients about diamonds and the international diamond market. We believe that with education, you will decide for yourself that we deliver unmatched, exceptional pricing on loose diamonds and high quality jewelry. Each appointment begins with an extensive educational conversation about Diamonds, the Wholesale Diamond MarketsThe Four Cs, and Beyond the Four Cs of Diamonds. We believe the Beyond the Four Cs section is the most important information, as this information is not readily available on the internet, nor at they frequently shared by diamond insiders. These diamond characteristics can dramatically impact the value and the beauty of a diamond. This information is also not shared on the reports of online retailers. Knowing and understanding this information is crucial in ensuring you are getting the most diamond for your money and achieving the most beautiful diamond for your budget. Call us today to set up your Diamond Education appointment. 972-239-2122

Dallas Cushion Diamond Halo Ring

Ready to Wear Engagement Rings

Although most of our pieces are custom made, Shapiro Diamonds has a collection of our most-loved Dallas Engagement Rings available and on-hand ready for delivery. These are the engagement rings Dallas brides love the most! These rings have the same quality that our custom rings include; they don’t require the 2-3 week lead time our custom pieces require. Although the center stone size and shape is slightly more limited, these ready-to-wear engagement rings are great for the procrastinating groom-to-be!

We Only Make Genuine Pieces

All of the pieces we create are custom-hand-made originals. We choose not to carry brand-name designers, which can be overpriced and of lesser quality due to mass manufacturing. All of the diamonds we use are individually evaluated, hand-calibrated, hand-matched and hand-selected one at a time – even the smallest accent diamonds in your diamond ring. This ensures the highest quality diamonds and the purest level of customization available – truly a bespoke custom engagement ring.

Unique Crossover Diamond Ring Dallas

Every Ring From Scratch – Hand Made in Dallas

We create each engagement ring from scratch, not just set the big center stone into an already pre-made setting. The fact is, it’s increasingly rare to work with a jeweler like Shapiro Diamonds. The old-world skills of hand-forged filigree or hand-engraving are increasingly replaced by more modern techniques, such as mass-manufacturing and mass-production. These pieces pale in comparison to Shapiro Diamonds’ custom-designed original pieces. Our Dallas showroom and design studio continues to uphold these master techniques – delivering unmatched beauty and quality jewelry pieces.

Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Ring Dallas

Explore Engagement Ring Designs

From classic solitaire engagement rings to vintage details or stunning pave diamond halos, our collection of handcrafted rings are each perfectly-designed to take your breath away. Our Engagement Ring Gallery is filled with recent custom diamond rings we’ve created for clients in Dallas and Fort Worth, and all over the United States. Find a design you’d like to tweak, recreate a diamond ring with your special touch, create a new design combining elements of two different rings, or change a design by casting it in a different color metal. Whatever your design specialization is, we look forward making your one-of-a-kind design come to life. Visit the engagement ring gallery to be inspired!

Modern Diamond Ring Dallas

Design Your Own Dallas Engagement Ring

We work together as a team, including you. Every one of our engagement rings are the product of multiple artists all working together. Our mission is to create a custom design service that puts you in control, and provides you with a beautiful, unique engagement ring that will last a lifetime. During the design process, you will be in contact with the jewelry designers, stone selector, CAD designer and bench artist creating your ring. You will be able to view and inspect the loose diamonds prior to setting, no matter how small the diamonds are. You will be able to view multiple rounds of CAD renderings – from multiple angles. You can submit multiple changes to the CAD renderings at no charge, until the design is perfect. We can create a 3D Wax model for your review and inspection. Working with artists and craftsmen directly ensures the absolute best design and the quality possible for your ring.


Custom Designed Dallas Engagement Rings

We have simplified the custom design process and are able to easily make your vision of the “Perfect Engagement Ring” a reality. Our process is designed to be easy for you, but also exciting and engaging. You’ll receive pictures, CAD renderings, a wax model and updates every step of the way. Speak directly to a designer by calling us, emailing us or making an appointment here. Our designers will start with your ideas, wants and budget and together we will make your vision come to life. Get inspired with one-of-a-kind custom engagement and wedding rings. One of our favorite parts of the job comes when we have the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to make an engagement ring that is perfectly suited to them. We look forward to creating the perfect custom designed engagement ring for you and your love.

Vintage Bridal Set Bridal Set Dallas

Dallas Diamond Wholesaler

We are true diamond wholesalers. We purchase diamonds directly from the best diamond mines and cutting facilities in the world. We have a long-standing relationship with overseas loose diamond cutting facilities in Belgium, Europe, and Israel and use those relationships to secure wholesale diamonds in Dallas. From the factory, we are able to deliver exquisitely-cut diamonds that hold the highest ability to reflect brilliance and sparkle. We bypass diamond dealers, distributors and retailers, thereby eliminating price mark-ups. We sell the same high-quality diamonds to our customers as we do to our retail stores who resell our jewelry pieces. We offer our exceptional quality, GIA certified diamonds to our customers at a fraction of the price you would pay online or at a diamond retailer.

Unique Split Shank Diamond Ring Dallas

Working With Us

When working with Shapiro Diamonds, you’ll be working with the Owner and Diamond Expert, Lance Shapiro, originally from South Africa. He has been importing, customizing, and cutting diamonds for over 25 years. We import and cut the diamonds directly, so you are receiving diamonds directly from the initial source of mining and cutting. When you work with Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas, you are eliminating the middle man, retail mark-ups and commissioned sales on diamonds. You are receiving diamonds directly from the source of mining.  This is what makes Shapiro Diamonds the leading loose diamonds and fine jewelry wholesaler in Dallas.


Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Rings Dallas

Diamond engagement rings don’t always have to be traditional! Engagement rings can also feature other diamond colors, such as pink or yellow diamonds. These unique diamonds are called fancy color diamonds, and they offer something a little different from the traditional white stone you’d find in most engagement rings. These colors can make for a beautiful diamond ring that is as uniquely colorful as she is. Fancy color diamonds are rare and precious stones, a beautiful way to personalize an engagement ring for yourself or a loved one.

Naturally fancy colored diamonds are very rare. Only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds created naturally will be a fancy color diamond. These diamonds are sought after if they have a deep, vibrant color to them that will make a bold impact and rich statement. A fancy color diamond is a bold choice for an engagement ring. Fancy color diamonds can be found in virtually any color. The most popular colors are yellow and pink diamonds. Other colors include gray, purple, brown, orange, and green. Pricing on these can really vary based on the quality and the rarity of the colored diamond.

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